Power and Control Wheel

Family violence does not come from anger. It does not come from violence. It does not come from drinking alcohol.

Family violence comes from the desire of an abuser to exert power and control over his/her victim. The Power and Control Wheel, developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Duluth, Minnesota, describes the many types of abuse suffered by victims of family violence. Very rarely does a victim of family violence suffer only one form of abuse. More often, victims are terrorised by a number of abusive tactics that abusers use to control them. The Power and Control wheel shows common tactics that abusers use to control their victims.

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Stopping Violence Services Christchurch (SVS) has been a "lead provider" of stopping violence programmes for men and women since 1983 and youth since 2004...

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The Enabling Youth Programme is a 3 month one day per week, comprehensive intervention. It was established to assist at risk Youth/Rangatahi and young people aged between 11 and 24 years of age...

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