What Our Clients Say

Men and women who have attended our programmes have:

  • Stopped their use of physical, verbal and other controlling behaviours
  • Recognised the intentions and beliefs behind their use of violence and abuse
  • The ability to communicate and make decisions respectfully
  • Increased awareness of the historical patriarchal ideas about men and women
  • The ability to recognise their triggers, early warning signs and high risk situations
  • The knowledge of how and when to take time out to prevent the escalation of violent or abusive behaviours
  • Increased awareness of how and when to seek support


Men who have attended Stopping Violence programmes have stated:

"Do it because we all need to – it is not just about violence it is self-improvement".

"The facilitators were all very good, they complimented each other well, related to us well, and presented the course very well".

"I feel good for doing the course, do it before you regret it".

"I would definitely tell people to give this a try as it has done a lot for me".

"I have made real progress since being involved with this programme".

"I am being more respectful and understanding my partner".

"Being able to do timeout – I didn't know that adults could do that"!

"It was all good and easy to understand, it was very helpful".

Adult Services

Stopping Violence Services Christchurch (SVS) has been a "lead provider" of stopping violence programmes for men and women since 1983 and youth since 2004...

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Youth Services

The Enabling Youth Programme is a 3 month one day per week, comprehensive intervention. It was established to assist at risk Youth/Rangatahi and young people aged between 11 and 24 years of age...

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